F U N N E L_P A T R O N ::::: Stillmotion Photo + Film :::::
::::: Wedding Photo + Film ::::: Toronto ( Ontario ) CANADA :::::
: commission : brand foundation / logo / stationery / portfolio site / education site / blog

Stillmotion is an internationally recognized wedding photo + film studio creating artful images and providing industry education. The business card is letterpress printed in metallic silver with the mark die-cut.



karlotta said...

Would you mind sharing where you got the orange tape printed? From Holland it's a bit difficult to search for this kind of services without knowing how it's even called!

It would be very nice to make a recommendation.

Thank you!

eric kass said...

* it was printed at a standard offset litho printer on uncoated label paper and die cut to size//

karlotta said...

Thanks! I guess this isn't really what I'm looking for - more like printing on sticky paper...

It looks lovely! You do great work.

Thanks for sharing :)

mphotography said...

This is awesome! I was wondering who did Stillmotions logo and design...wonderful job...looking myself.P

eric kass said...

* thanks so much! love to help you with your brand!//