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Somersaults™ Life Archives
your life – full circle

The genuine little details of everyday experiences when collected and curated add up to the eternal essence of our loved ones’ lives. Hand-me-down moments with the click of a shutter become frozen in time and our hearts. Sand between our toes. Tears of joy at the alter. That certain aroma from the back seat three days into the trip. The impossibly soft strip of satin on that tiny blanket. Fresh cut grass filling our every breath. The nervous first kiss and lingering last dance. Our dreams, loves, fears, triumphs and defeats captured in sights, sounds and words to be relived for generations. Somersaults™ Life Archives collects and protects all of your moments and memories in artfully produced products designed to make sure your loved ones’ lives come full circle.

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Darryl Brown said...

This is beautiful; I really like the square poster/brochure that folds down and fits in the heavy kraft envelope.

Josh Emrich said...

Lovely details.

miss.supafly said...

Love it.

yujinee said...

i saw this in person at f.berg! i hope u don't mind i asked for a copy of the poster because i'm a fan of yours & i totally knew it was your piece. :)

Brian said...

Thanks for bringing this into the shop for us to work on. Great project we love your work. Your one of our favorite designers.

Brian @ http://faulkenberg.blogspot.com/